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New patient?

If you are a new patient, please contact us via this website. If you make an appointment request it will be denied and you will be asked to contact us about becoming a patient. You can send us a brief summary of your medical issues through this website along with a phone number at which we can contact you, and we will get back to you to discuss your appointment.

A new complex patient visit is scheduled for 2 hours at $330/hour, plus a $50 new patient fee.  We will only charge you for the time actually used.  New patients who are not as complex may only need a one-hour appointment. Because of the investment of time into a new complex patient appointment, we require that you prepay for your first appointment two weeks in advance. Cancellation of your appointment a week or less before hand  will result in loss of your deposit (unless this is due to an emergency).

Returning patient?

During our transition period towards new practice location starting November 1, we are not currently doing online appointment scheduling. Please call Geoff’s direct extension at (651) 237-9703 to schedule an appointment. 

If you are a returning patient, please use the form below to make an appointment.  PLEASE MAKE AN APPOINTMENT ON THE HOUR!  The online booking software only allows you to book a 30 minute slot, unfortunately. We will add 30 minutes to your appointment request, please allow for your appointment to be up to one hour. As always, You will only be charged for the actual time needed.  (We do have a 30-minute minimum appointment charge.) IF YOU ASK FOR AN APPOINTMENT ON THE HALF-HOUR, IT WILL BE DENIED. We apologize for the inconvenience.