Newborn Circumcisions

Welcome, baby!

Congratulations on the (impending) birth of your son.  There are a lot of decisions to make on behalf of your new baby.  One is whether to circumcise him or not. 

For many years, Americans saw circumcision as more hygienic, but this changed as we embraced a more natural way of birthing and child-rearing.  At this point, the American Academy of Family Practice and the American Academy of Pediatrics take a neutral stance.  There are benefits to circumcision, but there are also risks. At this point most parents who choose it do so for social, cultural, or religious reasons.

I perform circumcision as I would in a hospital setting, with over 30 years of experience. At the same time, circumcision in my office is done with gentleness, and parents are welcome to attend if they like.  I can prescribe a topical numbing cream for you to apply before coming in, as well as local nerve block and sugar as anesthesia.

Circumcision only takes about 10-15 minutes.  After the procedure you can feed and cuddle your baby while I review post-circumcision instructions.  I will then check to make sure everything looks as it should and show you how to care for your son’s penis.

I charge $400 for a newborn circumcision.  Follow-up appointments are encouraged and are included in the cost.  You can pay with cash or a check.  We accept credit cards but apply a 2.5% fee to cover the credit card fees we are charged.  The only exception to this is HSA cards which we accept without extra fees.  I can provide a receipt that you can submit for reimbursement to your health insurance.

Please contact me as soon as your baby is born so that we can arrange an appointment in a timely manner.  Circumcisions can be booked if your baby is healthy and once he is feeding well, usually at least 5 days after birth.  I will circumcise babies up to the age of 3 weeks (the risk of bleeding increases after that).   Babies born prematurely can be circumcised up to 3 weeks after their due date.

If you have questions about circumcision before your baby is born, please contact us by clicking here and include your baby’s due date.

Preparing for Circumcision

Parents have told me that they have found it helpful to discuss any concerns or anxiety about circumcision with each other and their friends. If you feel comfortable sharing these with me, I am also quite willing to talk to you. 

Items You Need To Purchase in Advance:

  • Pediatric acetaminophen (Tylenol) (Concentration= 160 mg. per 5 ml). The dose is ¼ teaspoon (1.25 ml)
  • 2” x 2”, 3” x 3” or 4” x 4” gauze pads, one or two boxes
  • Aquaphor, Vaseline (petroleum jelly), or “un-petroleum” jelly (the latter is sold in health food stores and co-ops). A tube is easier to use than a jar. We usually have this “un-petroleum” jelly available to sell in our office. You won’t need this until after the procedure.
  • Optional:
  • Dr. Radovsky can prescribe EMLA cream, a numbing agent. This is applied liberally to the penis one hour prior to the procedure, then wrapped in plastic wrap. Please let us know if you would like this prescription. We will need to know your preferred pharmacy to receive this prescription.

Before the circumcision:

Please dress your son in a two-piece outfit or one that can be rolled up around his waist (not one with a zipper from the top to the toe).  A onesie is an alternative in warm weather.

Give him the acetaminophen 1 hour before your appointment.  The dose for a newborn (6-10 lbs.) is 1.25 ml, or ¼ tsp.

If using EMLA (lidocaine-prilocaine cream), squeeze it liberally over his penis (think of soft serve ice cream) and wrap it in plastic kitchen wrap.  Do this 1 hour before your appointment.