Acute Lyme

Announcing Acute Lyme Clinics!

What is the best way to prevent chronic or disseminated Lyme disease? By aggressively treating patients with a tick bite or acute Lyme disease, of course! Yet many health care providers are reluctant to give adequate antibiotics to patients even when they have a tick bite or a rash consistent with acute Lyme disease. This makes little sense.

If you have a tick bite, a localized rash, and/or other symptoms that may be due to Borrelia (Lyme) infection, please print out this “Treatment of Tick Bites and Acute Lyme” information sheet and bring it to your healthcare provider.  Hopefully, the evidence for more aggressive treatment will convince them to treat you appropriately.

If not, please call me for an acute Lyme clinic appointment.  I can add you into my schedule quickly.  I will review your story, examine you, and discuss the options for treating (or not treating) you and their risks and benefits.  For most patients who do not feel sick, a 30-60 minute appointment is enough.  If you have more systemic symptoms (such as headache, fever, joint pain, or rashes other than at the site of the tick bite), your visit may be closer to one hour. I charge $400 per hour.

These appointments are NOT appropriate for someone who has had symptoms for longer than a few weeks. Please call or email me to schedule an appointment. Please do NOT use this website to schedule an acute lyme appointment.